Vertical Sight’s approach is to enhance presence, growth, management and promotion of each client.

Creativity begins with emotion.

Creativity is the transformation of ideas into reality. It’s a natural beginning to our process here at Vertical Sight. We’re all creative by default. Instinctively, each member of our team possesses the desire to create, to innovate and to solve the challenging problems that our clients have entrusted to us.

Emotion Sparks Inspiration.

Emotions are the foundation of reality. They spark our first awareness to react and carry us to complex regions within our imaginations. They lead our minds to feel before they think. Vertical Sight harvests these sensations and distills them into arrangements of complex thought. Our translations from this process become part of the formula for your creative solutions.

Inspiration evokes thought.

To be inspired is to feel alive. Some believe brilliant ideas come from instances of fleeting inspiration. You know, the “AHA!” moments. Our belief is that ideas do not abruptly strike like random bolts of lightning. That new ideas already exist in all of us and that inspiration is a result of accumulated experience. It’s our goal to provide the results and benefits of our collective knowledge to our clients.

Thought ignites creativIty.

All thought is creative. And thoughts evolve. But true evolutionary thinking is the fusion of ideas which have not been fused before. We’re masters of gathering great ideas and combining them with other great ideas to create entirely new solutions. At Vertical Sight, this process is not a theory it’s our practice.

The Services We Offer

We offer a range of products and services that are designed to grow with the expanding needs of any online business. Whether you are a small business just starting out or a large enterprise seeking digital marketing solutions for your clients, we have all the solutions you need.


• Website Development
• Website Design
• iPhone App
• iPad App
• UI/UX Design
• Rich Media
• Online Advertising
• Social Media
• Facebook
• Twitter

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• Consumer Advertising
• Trade Advertising
• Online Banner Ads
• Out-Of-Home
• Direct Advertising
• Digital Displays
• Image Campaigns
• Copywriting
• Point-Of-Sale
• 3D Projection Mapping


• Branding
• Naming
• Logo Design
• Logo Animation
• Style Guides
• Correspondence Systems

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• Motion Graphics
• Videography
• Trailers
• Title Sequences
• Storyboarding
• Sound Design
• Editing
• Photography


• Product Packaging
• Specialty
• DVD/Blu-Ray
• Promotional
• Press Kits
• In Store Display


• Theatrical
• New Release
• Catalog
• Television
• Web Series


• Jackets
• Polos
• Hats
• Bags
• Uniforms


• Fillable PDF Creation
• Web Hosting
• Consulting
• Window Wrap Design
• Amazon Acceleration
• eCommerce Strategy

AD Agency Partnership

Vertical Sight partners with agencies to extend campaigns for print, advertising, websites, online ads and motion posters.

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